Circular Saw Blades

C6 circular saw blades

As specialists in saw technology, we offer complex and high-quality saw blades for CNC machining of CFRP, GRP, SMC, aluminium and all composite materials used on the market.


The saw is specially adapted to the respective application. We would also be pleased to send you our recommendation for your application.

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  • Higher feed rates possible compared to the milling technology (depending on application v= 10-30 m/min.)
  • Longer tool life compared to the milling cutter technology (depending on material and application)
  • Low cutting pressure and rework-free edge due to the use of PCD-tipped thin-cutting saw blades with special geometry for composite materials


Application areas

  • Cutting CFRP/GFRP in automotive series component
  • Cutting honeycomb panels in aerospace (Honeycomb)
  • Capping aluminum profiles in rail transport